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We strive to be different and unique in everything we do and our drum lugs are no exception. If you're looking for a lug to help make your next new drum project come to life and stand out from the rest or just want to replace tired old lugs on your current drum, message us for options and pricing.

We carry two designs of our own in stock in varying metals and colors.

Septalugs co-designed with Prog Rock drummer Aaron Edgar, are a seven sided, single mount lug available in single and double ended offset versions. Footprint at widest point is 1" (gasket is 3/4" OD) and mount hole is 1/4". Raw aluminum finish and brass are generally in stock. Gasket included.

Our two piece, adjustable tapered lug design is also a single mount and is available in both single and double ended versions. The tapered part of the lug is aluminum with deep threads and floats on the stainless steel center pin. Single ended lugs are 2 1/8" total length and double ended lugs are 3.5" total length. Mount footprint is 3/4" and mount hole is 1/4".

Bulk pricing also available on batches over 350.

Also hit us up with your custom lug design ideas for that special project or to create your own signature lug to help your drums stand out from the pack!

Here are some examples of projects with respected builders that we've been a part of.....